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Why The Health Festival

Why The Health Festival

A number of mortalities are directly related to unhealthy lifestyles. Governments, the world over are becoming increasingly active in fighting risk factors of the most common causes of death such as: Cardiovascular, Cancer and Diabetes. Other medical problems such as Anxiety/ Depression reduce the quality of life and affect interpersonal relationships.

It is estimated that if individuals adopted the health principles, such as those promoted at the Health Festival, the mortality rates for Cancer and Cardiovascular diseases, for instance,could drop by 60-70% and 70-80% respectively. Longevity could be increased by 6-12 years, with better quality of life. Medical costs would be greatly reduced.


The Health Festival participation age ranges from 23-54. The population of Kenya is approximately 45 million. A third of these live in urban areas.

66 percent of Kenyans are 25-40 years of age which comprises the increasing number of ‘middle-class’ citizens. Study suggests that due to income and high purchasing power; this group is adopting a ‘Western-like’ lifestyle which is leading to rising numbers of lifestyle diseases i.e. Diabetes, Heart problems and Obesity.

  • Equally, the interest in maintaining a healthy lifestyle has also shot up.
  • The importance of good physical fitness and healthy nutrition is at all-time high.
  • Individuals are growing keen on consumption of low fat, low sugar and functional food products.
  • Organic food products are also gaining populari The demand in products relating to fitness, working out, sports equipment and accessories such as wearable devices and mobile applications for sports tracking and wellbeing monitoring is increasing at a very fast rate.

  • There is also a demand for quality items to support a healthy lifestyle; for example dietary supplements and healthy food products, personal hygiene and cosmetics.
  • Professionally; Wellbeing at work is of higher interest than before. As health costs are increasing, employers are investing in the wellness of their employees. (link this last point with corporate wellness)