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The late Madilu System, one of DRC’s greatest musicians; once quipped in his song ‘Si je savais ca’, that : People do commit suicide because of love, but never heard anyone taking their lives for loving Jesus-

Well, quite an observation but in defense of Jesus…He doesn’t reject anyone!

Indeed love makes the world go round, and in the same breathe revolves around your health.

Being in a loving relationship, (where love is reciprocated ) has numerous health benefits. Love and

health are intertwined in more ways than one and the rewards are immense. Take examples of marriages of some powerhouse couples like Michelle and Obama, Grace and (late) Mandela, Mahlon and Ruth the biblical figure-of the famous quote where you go I will go, your people, will be my people-

…And certainly not Mugabe and Grace!!!

The above marriages, you will find  the couple adorning a youthful look despite advanced age and tend to wear smiles all through. This does not overlook the fact marriages is not all rosy, but the way these issues are resolved can prod the cupid to shoot some more arrows.

Our well-being is gauged in terms of how well we’re doing physically, intellectually, emotionally, spiritually and socially. Human beings social creatures who’s happiness and survival is deeply wired in good relationships.

Hence studies of how happy people are have been primarily conducted around married couples.

One of the most common and noticeable benefits of love in health; is the overall mental health.

If we love someone and are loved in return, it greatly gives a sense of calm and enhances the mental health. Couples will also experience lower blood pressure. The unhappily married folk on the other hand have higher blood pressure than both the married and the single.

So when it comes to blood pressure, you are better of alone than in an unhappy union.

Other health benefits are achieved when a couple in a loving relationship encourage one another in preventive care, eating healthy,  oral health, exercising, advising against smoking and taking alcohol. These good habits eventually translate to fewer illnesses and even fewer doctor’s appointments.

It has been noted that love boosts the immunity system hence less bouts of colds.

Did you also know that by simply hanging out, being positive, supportive and having a loving discussion about nonsensical issues with your partner speeds up recovery by a day.

Couples also lead each other to find their life purpose leading to better self-care and less risk taking. They also encourage one another to take medical cover.

Hugging, kissing, sex and holding hands are part of a lovers lifestyle. Scientists have proved physical contact with a loved one produces stress relieving hormones called oxytocin. This hormone reduces aches and pains and increases energy. It overrides fear and reduces anxiety. It’s the reason behind crazy acts of love.

Healthy relationships give a boost to our Emotional intelligence. Even as a single person,this can undoubtedly be achieved from reading books (which is also a healthy act), by attending cultural events (like the Health Festival) and other formal educational experiences.

But being in a loving union, helps a person to cultivate self-awareness, develop social skills, including the ability to read social cues and show appreciation, care and concern for others.

Emotional intelligence also involves increased alertness, knowledge and common sense.

Looking at the spiritual aspect of our lives, love and health also interlock.

It has been established that from the imperfect nature of humans, we once in a while hurt one

another’s feelings, we let one another down in more ways than one.

But from successful long-term relationships, the couple has mastered the art of generosity, forgiveness, patience, appreciation and acceptance.

Generally, married people are happier and live longer. A study found out that divorced people have 20% more mobility limitations, prone to chronic health conditions as Heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Divorce or temporary separation are a huge trigger to depression, which apart from ill health on the extreme could lead to suicide.

Solution is to cultivate Loving relationships with everyone!

Share with us in the comment section, how love has benefited or improved you as a person

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