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Corporate Wellness

Team Building Challenges and Competition

Kenyans are becoming more and more health conscious. But due to higher stress, longer work days and constant multitasking, it is more difficult to find the time to act on wellness goals.

Many chronic diseases are preventable. According to the CDC, chronic diseases account for 75 percent of total healthcare costs. They are also the most preventable type of disease. Such illnesses include heart disease, stroke, cancer and obesity.

This section of the Health Festival provides a gateway for your staff not only to participate, but also to gather information from a variety of fitness, health and wellness experts.

Investing in employees’ health; is not only essential for ongoing business success but will also provide staff with the necessary skills, tools and knowledge to improve their physical, psychological, financial and spiritual wellbeing.

On that front, every package booking comes with an OPTION of nominating 5 staff who will represent your organisation during the team building Challenges

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