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Skin Care

Establishing a culture of Gratitude

  In sickness, in health, in death, in scanty and in plenty … it doesn’t omit any situation, condition or state. But in ALL things…BE GRATEFUL A tough one right? Read on.. as we delve into the core of being grateful. The world is moving at an abnormally fast-pace. With the advance in technology, everything...
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Love and Health…What you need to Know

The late Madilu System, one of DRC’s greatest musicians; once quipped in his song ‘Si je savais ca’, that : People do commit suicide because of love, but never heard anyone taking their lives for loving Jesus- Well, quite an observation but in defense of Jesus…He doesn’t reject anyone! Indeed love makes the world go...
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Massage for Pains Relief

Due to our different lifestyles; we all come across challenges that destabilize our emotions, causing stress and other discomforts. There are numerous treatments to such, but just what comes to mind when you hear of a massage? Only the thought itself sends a soothing sensation. Many will agree that there’s no better remedy for stress...
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