3 rules to long life:
1.if you can stand, don't sit!
2.minimize use of machines.
3.move along...

It is estimated that on average, we can spend upto 15hrs of a day SITTING.

The long hours of inactivity are directly connected to high mortality rate through lifestyle diseases!


hFEST is a health movement whose aim is to highlight the dangers of inactivity.


To ensure value, hFEST offers an annual membership program.

The benefits range from Free participation at hFEST events, provides a platform to market your products/ services to other members, shop at highly discounted rates among others.


Movement is the cure!

hFEST has lined up highly interactive monthly events to erase some ‘sitting-in’ hours and revitalize your mind, body and spirit


hMARK (health Market), Is a members only store on new and semi-new items. Enjoy upto 50% discounts on: Household items, Kitchenware, Men, Women’s and kids fashion, Gift items and so much more.The smart place to find resources for a healthy lifestyle.

Being healthy is not hard...

Our bodies are made up of cells. And these cells in order to carry out their functions, they require:

  • Oxygen (via deep breathing through exercise not the gasps to avoid dying)
  • Nutrition (Healthy foods)
  • No Toxins (Drink plenty of water) and
  • Regular Checks

Our Objectives...

  • Safeguarding your Health (Prevention)
  • Achieve short/long-term objectives (Time Leverage/ Productivity)
  • Brand Visibility

Don't Take Our Word for It

hFEST is the product of successful and sustained friendships and partnerships

I first heard of the hFEST in 2017 (then Health Festival). What fascinated me, was the packaging of 'Health' into one big ball of fun! Keep tabs on your health, and enjoy life.
Join the movement and move along...
Mary Wothaya
Friend of hFEST (USA)
Am a surgeon by profession, hence saving lives is my purpose. But before you come to me, when the situation is desperate. The simple health guidelines as hFEST advocates for, will save you lots of money and time.
James Mwaniki
Friend of hFEST (USA)
Working out for me started like a hobby, now it's part of my family rituals.
The hFEST friendship, has given me access to numerous providers that have made my rituals easy and fun!
Domingo Ngala
Friend of hFEST (KEN)

“Inactivity is the root-cause of all diseases. It is twice as lethal as SMOKING!”

Our Events

Where Fun meets Health!

CupCakes & Condoms (Sexual Health)

Date: 7th December 2019

Venue: Michael Joseph Centre


Free for Members

Advance: Ksh 500pp OR Ksh 600/couple

Gate: Ksh 1000

Weight-loss Flash Market

Date: 11th and 12th January 2020

Venue: TBA


Free for Members

Advance: TBA

Gate: TBA

The Cancer Fit-A-Thon

8th February 2020

Venue: TBA


Free for Members

Advance: TBA

Gate: TBA

Be Part of the movement...

And reap the full benefits of maintaining a healthy lifestyle!

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